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Express nail bars: good for business bad for consumers. 

So here I go writing my first ever blog post!! 

It has been a crazy few weeks getting the salon up and running but we are having a great time seeing it all come together. In this post, I want to talk about the rise in popularity of express nail bars. 

It seems that everywhere I turn there is a new nail bar opening and Galway is no different.  Express nail bars promising to be cheaper and faster are the new craze. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bargain and we all know a healthy dose of competition is great for every industry. But, there are downsides, because with competition comes an inferior product.

I find my time is increasingly spent fixing the work of these cheaper salons. So I know what your thinking…why is she complaining if she is busy? I want to help people to appreciate the expertise required to deliver quality nails. 

By taking shortcuts I see girls coming to me days after they have paid for their cheaper nails. Distressed and frustrated! 
Due to bad hygiene practices from dirty utensils, some have signs of nail infection. If not detected and treated early these infections can become much more serious. 

The other main problems I see include...

Colour peeling from the sides.

blotchy and uneven application. 

Early signs and symptoms of Nail infection. 

Early breaking with durability as low as 3-4 days in some cases. 

Different shapes on every nail

When selecting the price point for my new business I worried that I wasn’t going to be cheap enough to compete. This caused me a lot of stress. Why would people come to me when they can go somewhere that is cheaper. Then it occurred to me that with 17 years experience I am not competing with these express bars on the same level. Trying to match their prices was futile. I decided to prioritise a quality service and put my standards of excellence first.

(Don't worry we will continue to do promotional offers from time to time, as well as student discounts)

So ladies its important to go to a quality service provider. Don’t put your nails in the hands of inexperienced technicians. You will reap the benefits of paying a few more of your hard earned euros. 

There are nail technicians who think that doing nails is an easy way to make a buck. Get a revolving door of people coming in and skimp on quality. In a lot of cases technicians are poorly trained and your nails will suffer. 

This is why I also started the Glam Gals Nail Academy.  I train people in the art of gel nails. This is a fantastic course that I wish I had available to me when I was starting out. As well as being fully accredited the course is challenging but also very rewarding. You can find more details on it here

So next time you go to get your nails done Don’t be afraid to check the accreditation of your technician. Even ask to see their certificates. In most reputable places they should be on the wall anyway. 

Thanks for reading my first blog (rant) post!

Lots of love, 

Naoise xoxo

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